What is Pneumatic Rising Bollards?

Pneumatic Rising Bollards

 Our pneumatically driven automatic bollards are designed to control access and enhance perimeter security while adding to the overall aesthetics of any install location. Every System is built to the highest of standards, are easy to maintain, and will completely integrate with any existing access control or security components and systems.

Madoors pneumatic rising bollards are designed for high security vehicle entrances, army, industrial, governmental and commercial buildings or streets which are closed to vehicle traffic between certain hours of the day. Both "High Security" and "Commercial" type Madoors Pneumatic Rising Bollards have the same strength, whereas "Commercial" bollards are shorter than the "High Security" ones. The thickness of the bollard, the underground construction, the self-lubricating sealing and guide ring made of special plastic types, pneumatic piston, flange thicknesses and diameters, pneumatic connections, installation and drainage procedures etc. are all the same. These units are designed to K12 / pas68 standards. Finite element analysis can be supplied upon request. Typical raise/lower time is 3 seconds but it is possible to design the system to raise/lower in 1.5 seconds.

 Pneumatic Automatic Retractable or Automatic Pneumatic Rising Telescoping Bollards are used in high traffic areas. Where deploying and retracting automatic bollards is higher in frequency.  Our Madoors's bollards can raise or lower on command in 3 to 5 seconds. 

 The Madoors Automatic bollards we use are Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electronic Piston Drive Systems. Each system has its own unique characteristics with how it moves the automatic bollards, and also differences in their efficiency and maintenance. Electronic Piston Drive Systems uses an electric motor to push the piston within the cylinder. These systems have the highest precision control, and are also the quietest of all the other systems. Pneumatic uses compressed air to move a piston in a linear motion within the cylinder. The advantages of this system is its simplicity, accuracy, minimal maintenance, and the cost being less. Hydraulic systems use an in-compressible fluid being pushed by a pump within the cylinder. To give the automatic bollards their linear motion. The hydraulic system has the highest force output being almost 25 times greater force than a pneumatic system.   

Technical Specifications

Teknik Özellikler
Ebatlar 210x800mm
Strok 600mm
Çalışma Voltajı 380VAC
Ters Gerilim Koruma Özelliği Var
Açılma/Kapanma Dayanıklılığı 1.000.000 kez
Bekleme Akımı 2A @380VAC
Çalışma Akımı 8A @380VAC
Çalışma Sıcaklığı -20/+50
Buton Tipi 3'lü Buton (Aç/Kapat/Dur)
İkaz Elemanları Trafik Lambası, Flaşör, Siren
Güvenlik Ürünleri Fotosel, Lab Dedektör, RFID Sistem, Parmak izi/Şifre cihazı
Program Özellikleri
Program Güvenliği 100 Yıl
Hata Önleme Power-On-Reset
Hata Takip Özelliği Var
Açık Durdurma Özelliği Var
Otomatik Kapanma Özelliği Var
Düşük Güç Uyarı Özelliği Var
Aşırı Akım Koruma Var
Motor Koruma Gerçek Zaman Saati ile Motor
Açılma/Kapanma Süresi 1-4 Saniye
Şifreli Korumalı Servis Menü Var

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