What is Mobile Ballistic Shield?

Mobile Ballistic Shield


Personal protection and mobility are just as important today as they have ever been for both the military and domestic law enforcement.  Designed with our brave soldiers and policemen in mind, Madoors has developed a family of mobile ballistic security shields, using ballistic armor steel, that will provide protection where it is needed, easily, quickly and economically.  There are two versions of this mobile system; one will provide protection against NIJ Level IV threats, the other lighter unit against NIJ Level III.   Each unit is able to be towed behind a light duty car or truck. 

 Our Ballistic Mobile Transforming Shield that takes advantage of gravity and balance; the station can be assembled and set up in a matter of seconds and maneuvered into place by a single operator without tools.  The Mobile Security Shield  may be pushed forward , backwards, or sideways and will fit easily through a 30-inch door opening.  Each version (MST4) – Level IV and (MST3) Level III –  are available in  a number of sizes with a range of  options including gun ports, lighting and  storage.

Madoors Specifications and Characteristics for level III and level IV Mobile Ballistic protection shields

 Shields provide head to toe protection from straight-on and partial overhead and side protection at up to 60 degrees.

 Shields have replaceable transparent armor (laminated ballistic glass)  that can be replaced with a standard 9/16 wrench.        

 Transparent armor is frame encased and its edges are overlapped by armor steel for extra gap protection.

 Ballistic glass provides a minimum of NIJ level 3 protection for level 3 shield and NIJ level 4 for the level 4 shield.  Window  view able area  ranges from  0.20  / 1 m2 depending  on unit size.

 Wheels and Casters are available in standard hard rubber 8 inch or in 10 inch all terrain no flat design.

 Travel wheels are mounted with pneumatic highway tires  and can be attached inboard or outboard of the shield.

 Mutable shields can be connected together to provide up to 360 degrees of protection.

 Shields can be quickly prevented from rolling by raising front wheels into a lock down position.

 Sliding gun-port between windows is an option that can be added to units 44 inches or wider.

 Shields are 2 stage powder coated first using zinc rich primer to prevent rust and corrosion and using a top coat in black or tan or       any customer’s color preference.

 Mobile shield design has built-in vehicle tow capability using any 2” hitch. It takes only one man a couple minutes to            transition the shield from transport stage to protection shield.

 Shields are built with optional solid ATV tires to ease roll-ability on unimproved surfaces and can be locked in place when on             inclines.

 Shields are designed to work in hot, cold  and damp environments.

 Shields have a mass weight in excess of 700 pounds to protect from blast and secondary fragmentation pressure.

 All steel and ballistic glass is certified by an independent recognized ballistic testing facility.

​ Optional equipment :  ballistic awnings, heaters, spot lights, gun ports, multi-shield connecting plates, shelves, drawers and signage.



Technical Specifications

Genel Özellikler
İsim Balistik Güvenlik Kalkanı
Koruma Sınıfı Stanag BR7
Sac Kalınlığı 14.5
Ağırlık 240/306 kg
Cam Kalınlığı 82 mm
Ölçüler 1895*700*750

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