What is Manual Retractable Rising Bollards?

Manual Retractable Rising Bollards

Madoors manual retractable bollards are an amazing blend of strength, flexibility and convenience. Simply unlock and lower the bollard in place whenever you need access. Manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel, these units are recommended for decorative and safety applications. The classic look of our flat design style coupled with the wide variety of configuration options you’ve come to expect from a madoors bollard, our line of manual retractable bollards are sure to satisfy.

The retractable bollards are easy to retract with the internal locking mechanism and lift assist. When retracted, the bollards are flush with the finished roadway. They're ideal for sites where changing pathway access is required.

The retractable manual bollards are easily retractable with an internal locking mechanism and lift assist. Flush with the finished roadway when fully retracted, they're ideal for sites where changing pathway access is required.

Producing easy solution due to its practical use for personal parking and its aesthetical design, manual rising bollards are produced by quality materials and offered under a guarantee of 2 years.

The purpose of Madoors manual rising bollard product is to prevent unauthorized parkings. The gas leverage in the bollards provides a comfortable lifting and the bollard lowers after turning the key. It does not need a motor or electrical power for this operation. We manufacture corrosion proof manual rising bollards.

The use of telescopic bollards include

1. Traffic control

2. Vehicular access control of parking lots and private streets

3. Restricting driveways from street traffic

4. Protecting parking spaces, and more often now protecting roll up doors and store fronts from “ram-raid” – the crash through & hauling off of valuable merchandise in commercial stores and warehouses.  Bollards protect building, doors, and utilities.

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