What is Hydraulic Drop Arm Barrier?

Hydraulic Drop Arm Barrier

Specifically designed for light - medium traffic applications, the MAdoors M-1000 can raise beams from 6 1/2 to 13 feet (2 to 6 meters) in 3 - 8 seconds. With a 100% duty cycle ideal for certain residential and commercial uses.

 Hydraulic motor with opening and closing blocks

• Ideal solution for dense but continuous traffic

• Electronic deceleration, patented

• Barrier status can be transmitted to traffic controllers

• Automatic, semi-automatic, parking, apartment and private study logics

• External wasted with triangular switch.

• Built-in detector, two independent channels.

• New circular arm with light support.

MAdoors Hydraulic Arm Barrier Gate Operator Specifications

* Duty type light to moderate volume traffic control, standard width 


* Duty cycle at 72(F (24(C) 50% motor run time

* Opening time 3-8 sec (depending on beam length)

* Beam lengths 6 1/2-13 ft (2-4 m)

* Beam types available rigid, articulated, skirted

* Beam materials available rigid: aluminum and wood articulated & 

skirted: aluminum

* Power supply 115 VAC or 230 VAC -10% to +6%; 60Hz

* Motor horsepower 1/3 hp

* Ambient temperature range -33oF to 165oF (-36oC to 74oC)

* Hydraulic locking positions opened and closed

* Cabinet dimensions (l x w x h) 6 3/4 x 10 9/16 x 39 in. (17.2 x 27 x 99 


* Weight (approx.) 100 lb (45.5 kg)

* Electric motor single phase, bi-directional

* Anti-crush system hydraulic valves (by-pass)

* Features keyed manual release in the event of power failure

* Dedicated Logic - The electronic intelligence of the Madoors offers six types of  control logics, including automatic and semiautomatic.

* Easy to Maintain - Maintenance could not be simpler and diagnostic checks -are immediate thanks to the input LEDs. Like all Madoors hydraulic operators completely self-contained for reliable operation.

* Standard Features -  The Madoors Arm barrier has many standard features, including hydraulic anti-crushing safety, hydraulic locking so that the beam remains secure in the opened and closed positions, and a manual release with a personalized key. 


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