Drop Arm Barriers

Madoors system - Parking Barrier - Rising Arm Barrier - Drop Arm Barrier-Automatic Motorized , Hydraulic , Manual Arm Barrier Manufacturer Company . The MAdoors Automatic Parking Barrier is an ideal automatic rising arm barrier to control vehicle access for medium to high usage car parks. Its proven 100% duty cycling makes it a reliable and durable barrier that can easily integrate with revenue collection and access control systems.

Drop Arm Barriers

Madoors manufactures, sells and installs drop arm barriers which can be used as part of a high security access control point or as a simple barrier to control traffic flow.The MAdoors's Electromechanical Rising Arm Car Park Barrier is reliable, sturdy and uncompromising. A popular choice which is quick to install, simple to operate and very cost effective.Manufactured from high quality steel and combining inverter drives and relay logic, the MAdoors Automatic Rising Arm Traffic Barrier for car parks provides smooth and consistent operation in the most demanding parking environments. These include underground and surface area staff and visitor car parks in commercial, retail, public and private sector car parks.

The MAdoors Hydraulic Rising Arm Traffic Barrier can be controlled from a manned security point or by the vehicle occupant, using a wide range of access control systems including proximity cards, radio, tokens, keypads and intercoms, to name but a few. These combined with induction loop or photocell facilities ensure that the barrier arm will open/close smoothly, safely and efficiently upon activation Madoors conforms to Ohsas , ıso 9001:2000 is CE Approved and meets the stringent requirements of local authorities, government departments

Our products Type

1. Normally Manual Use Drop Arm Barrier

2. Crash Test Rated K12 / K4 / K8 / PAs68 Level Anti-Terrorism Manual Use Drop Arm Barrier

3. Motorized Automatic Speed Rising Arm Barrier ( Electromechanical Type )

4. Hydraulic Automatic Rising Arm Barrier

5. Crash Test Rated K12 / K4 / K8 / PAs68 Level Anti-Terrorism Hydraulic Automatic Rising Arm Barrier

Non-motorized Sliding Drop Arm Barrier

MAdoors’s Manual Sliding Arm Barrier Gate systems are available in a variety of gate types that are easily adaptable to most site conditions. Non-Motorized Sliding Arm Gate types include MAdoors’s Fortress Cantilever and Box Frame Roller Gate systems. In addition to the gate and operator, the system includes 8 x 8 x ¼” HSS steel tube reinforcement and concrete-filled steel bollards. Available in chain link and ornamental, the Reinforcer will provide an enhanced level of protection to your perimeter’s openings.
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Non-motorized Circular Drop Arm Barrier

The swing gate parking barrier can be locked in the open position using an extra latch post. The latch post is supplied as standard. Padlocks are sold separately. The maximum recommended span is 6000mm per gate. Two gates arm barrier are recommended for spans in excess of 6000mm and can be locked centrally using a central removable post. Bespoke lengths available. For available options, please speak to Madoors's sales.
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K12 Crash Tested Mechanic Drop Arm Barrier

The Madoors Crash Test Rated Manual Anti-Terrorism Drop Arm Barrier is a high security rising arm barrier that has been K4 - K8 - K12 - PAS 68 impact tested and offers a high level of protection where central roadway foundations are not possible practical. The Manual Crash Tested Drop Arm Barrier can withstand direct impact forces in excess of 720 KJ, and provides shallow mounted protection to sites from extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack.
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K8, K12, PAS68 Crash Tested Hydraulic Rising Arm Barrier

MAdoors M-8000 Anti-terrorism hydraulic drop arm barriers are designed especially for entrances where there is a threat of suicide vehicle attack, or for the entrances that have high security requirements. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high security applications, K4 - K8 - K12 - Pas68 Crash Test Rated hydraulic drop arm barriers are one of the best and most secure solutions. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it is not possible for the vehicle to keep on moving forward anymore beyond the arm of the barrier.
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Manuel Drop Arm Barrier

MAdoors M-10 manual drop arm barrier is preferred especially at sites where there is no electricity. As the control of the manual drop arm barrier is by manpower, the vehicle traffic may slow down. However, manual barriers enable entrance protection to control in/out circulation. Manual barriers arm width can be customized between 2-8 meters. This barrier is not designed for crash resistance the main purpose is to control entrances.
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Electro Mechanic Drop Arm Barrier

MAdoors's Automatic electromechanical boom barriers . Road Barrier or Parking Barrier . Intensive us, irreversible, complete with base plate and control unit integrated and wired. Painted frame with cataphoresis. Covering and finishing: Painted aluminum (RAL)-Stainless steel , Arms: 6 to 8 meters , Opening time: 2-8 seconds Supporting frame in tubular steel and electro-galvanized. Perimetral panels in prepainted aluminum 12/10 thickness. Cover in black plastic colour with built-in LED or metallic cover. Anodized aluminum arm with red reflective stickers bands. Transmission with tooth belt and steel screw with bushing self-lubricating material and anti-friction.. Adjustable and built-in opening/closing limit switches. Emergency handle system for manual operation. Electronic control board incorporated and pre-wired.
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Hydraulic Drop Arm Barrier

MAdoors M-1000 series hydraulic rising arm barriers are designed for harsh and windy environments. With the help of strong mechanical and hydraulic design, MAdoors M-1000 series hydraulic arm barriers offer long term durability. Drive unit is hydraulic, but in case of power failure barriers can be lowered or lifted manually with the help of manual hand pumps and valves. With the help of controlled electronics, raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off key switch etc. Besides, safety accessories like photocells, inductive loop detectors, flashing lights or red/green lights can be integrated to the system.
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