What is Guard Booths - Guard Shack - Guard House?

Guard Booths - Guard Shack - Guard House

Guard Booths - Guard Shack - Guard House

T he Madoors Series prefabricated guard booths & security booths offer an efficient, long-lasting and visually appealing enclosure for a wide variety of guard booth applications. Designed and engineered for strength and durability , The MAdoorsSeries allows an almost unlimited freedom of security booth design.

Aluminum construction

Square corners

Standard guard booth sizes: 1.5x1.5 meters , 2x2 meters , 2.5x2.5 meters , 3x3 meters

Custom security booth sizes available

Factory installed electric & climate control

 Parking Booths , The Madoors Series parking booths (guard booths & security booths) offer a more modernized look in security booth design. These parking booths have multi use capabilities and are a popular choice among architects and end users.

 Service Writer Booths ,  Service Writer booths offer an efficient, long-lasting and visually appealing service booth for automobile dealerships. The Service booths are designed for service departments at automobile dealerships to have the capability of servicing their clientele as efficiently as possible.

Custom Ticket Booths

Have a design of your own ticket booth? Most custom booth design requests can be accommodated. A little ingenuity can turn an ordinary booth design into something really special. Our team of designers has the knowledge of custom design that can help achieve your requests.

Transit Shelters

Madoors  offers not only guard booths & security booths, but also completely pre-assembled shelters including transit shelters, bus shelters, smoking shelters and passenger-waiting shelters. Madoors provides an extensive set of options for you to customize your shelter to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Aluminum Booths & Shelters

Madoors offers aluminum booths including prefabricated guard booths, security booths, guard shacks, and parking attendants booths that meet the demanding Türkiye Border  Zone codes. Madoors security booths are manufactured in our standard white prefinished aluminum. The buildings are completely assembled and prewired for easy installation.  Madoors also fabricates all types of aluminum shelters inclulding bus shelters, pay station shelters, smoking shelters and transit shelters.

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