What is Explosion-proof (Ex-proof) Doors ?

Explosion-proof (Ex-proof) Doors

Automatic - Manual Explosion Resistance Door and Gate

 The required explosion resistance can be achieved by installing doors that can withstand the applicable pressure loads. Blast proof doors are a crucial element in limiting an explosion’s consequences.

 MAdoors Industrial Ex-proof Doors offers you blast proof doors. These explosion-resistant overhead doors, sliding doors and hinged doors can withstand very high pressure loads, both from the outside and from the inside. By implementing these doors in high-risk areas, you can limit the consequences of an explosion. This lowers the risk of both material and immaterial damage.

 The explosion-resistant doors of MAdoors Explosion Gate and Doors can withstand very high pressure loads. Regardless of whether this concerns a positive explosive pressure of 5.0 bar, 72.5 psi or a pressure load of 500 kN/m². Protection against these high blast loads is already possible in a standard version of the doors of MAdoors Ex-proof Doors. Higher blast loads are obviously also possible; please contact the consultants of Madoors Industrial Doors for this.

 Our consultants are highly experienced in the implementation of explosion-resistant doors in widely varying projects, sectors and specific uses. In addition, MAdoors High Security Explosion Industrial Doors-Gates has the capacity to take on the full calculation of the doors using advanced calculation programs.

 Because MAdoors Industrial Doors can take on the full calculation of the doors, project-based development of the explosion-resistant doors is very common. Should additional requirements apply to your project, for example the functioning of the door after impact, the deformation of the door or additional effects such as rebound, MAdoors Industrial Doors can take them into account.

 We can produce and develop a blast proof door that can withstand a dynamic and/or static pressure load, or the impact of fragments/projectiles on the door during and/or after an explosion!

Total security solution

It is possible to combine the explosion-resistant overhead doors, sliding doors and hinged doors with other properties. For example, an explosion-resistant door can be fitted with acoustic insulation and given fire-resistant properties.

In case of explosion resistance, additional security requirements mainly play a role. Examples are excluding the possibility of forced entry, fire resistance, bullet resistance and other possible requirements. The possibility of combining all the properties into a single certified door allows MAdoors Industrial Doors to offer you a total project solution in the field of security.

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