What is Electro-mechanical Motorized Rising Bollard?

Electro-mechanical Motorized Rising Bollard

Madoors Electromechanical Bollard Barriers, manufactures anti-ram vehicle barriers that reliably operate in all climates with minimal maintenance. This specification defines the Model MB-4000 series automatic electric vehicle barrier manufactured by Madoors Barriers.

The barrier's vault assembly is hot dipped galvanized and requires foundation depth of 60". The automatic motorized rising bollard barrier unit that raises to an above ground position is constructed of reinforced tubular steel and is powder coated providing a variety of available colors. Removable nonskid roadway plates, secured by tamperproof flush bolts, provide easy access to the maintenance and service points of the barrier without the use of heavy equipment. If it becomes necessary, the entire mechanical structure which is designed as an insert can be lifted out of the foundation for any major repairs or maintenance. This insert assembly is also hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection.

In the "UP" position, the barrier presents a visible obstacle to approaching vehicles capable of stopping and destroying heavily loaded trucks moving at high speeds. The height of the vehicle-arresting element is 36" measured from the roadway surface to the top of the bollard. Red strobe lights on the posts flash to provide caution when the barriers are deployed. Upon impact, forces are transferred though the posts into the foundation. In the "DOWN" position, the barrier is completely flush with the roadway and will not damage tires, snowplows, sweeping machines, etc.

A servo electro-mechanical retractable rising bollard actuator operates the barrier. The barrier is capable of 200 complete UP / DOWN cycles per hour. The barrier motion is reversible and at normal operating speed the barrier raises in 3 seconds. With the emergency fast operation circuit installed, the barrier raises in 1.5 seconds.

In the event of a power failure, the barrier is designed to remain in the last commanded position. The barrier can be operated by a battery back-up system or manually using standard hand tools or a drill fitted with the proper drive.

All major components, including the actuator, the control and logic modules, and the cabinet, are built to withstand heavy industrial traffic control requirements. These components, together with any specified options, are housed in a weather resistant cabinet designed to withstand the anticipated environmental conditions of the installation site.

The control and logic modules are field programmable by a professional installer to meet the widest range of operating requirements, including interface with remote control stations and buried detectors. A range of optional inputs can be used to command the barrier, such as: vehicle loop detectors, access control systems, remote hard wired control, remote radio, card reader, key switch, local guard operator console, or a combination thereof.

The Madoors electromechanical motorized automatic bollard barrier and accessories provide for easy maintenance, such that local maintenance technicians can perform routine and annual maintenance tasks without the use and assistance of heavy equipment.

Madoors Barriers provides a two (2) year electrical & mechanical warranty from the date the barrier leaves our manufacturing facility. Parts only. Freight not included. Extended warranty options may be available. Please inquire.

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