What is Counter Terror Wedge Bollard Barrier?

Counter Terror Wedge Bollard Barrier

Anti-Ram Angle Bollard Barrier , Counter Terror Wedge Bollard Barrier

 These barrier types called pile type. It is one of our high security barrier types . Can work in groups and individually. It is one of the road blocker anti-ram barriers. Our anti-terrorist bollard barrier systems working as a group have foreign-approved crash test certificates. Our test standard is ASTM M50 (PAS 68, K12 8000 kg. 85 km/h).

 Our barriers, which are one-way closure type, can be mounted in the opposite direction and can close the 2-way road. And it provides a higher security. Its design is completely owned by our company. Patent and design model right has been registered by our company. Absolutely cannot be copied. Mounting on the ground painfully and transmitting the entire load directly on the ground during impact, These barriers allow our barriers to stop heavier vehicles. Our Barriers are countering terrorism barriers

 With its design, tank and panzer type vehicles cannot pass our pile type barriers. Despite its long length, one of the most important advantages of inclined mounting is that the depth mounting is less and it can be installed at a shallow depth.

 Barriers can be mounted by changing the miter angle from each other (see Figure 1. In our photos). This mounting design is a very important advantage. At the security guard entrances that open directly to the road; It directly protects the entrance in every direction from right entrances - left entrances and vertically linear entrances in terrorist attacks with heavy vehicles. It is a stronger barrier. This feature is less in cylindrical pipe type bollard barriers.

Counter Terror Wedge Bollard Barrier Photos


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