What is Ballistic - Bullet Proof - Bullet Resistant - Blast Resistant Container ?

Ballistic - Bullet Proof - Bullet Resistant - Blast Resistant Container

Ballistic - Bullet Proof - Bullet Resistant - Blast Resistant Container 

Expert Design, Manufacturing and Modification of ISO Shipping Containers and Intermodal Containers At Madoors , the clients’ container requirements and modification needs are our focus. Whether customers are looking for a simple storage container, an expandable sided shelter or a fully customized portable office, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done – on time and on budget.

As specialists in custom shipping container modifications, we pride ourselves on our quality work.  Our standard 20’, 40’ and 53’ containers share the stage with our 20’ expandable sided containers, as well as our container buildings manufactured for custom orders.  Madoors even offers bunkers and blast and ballistic protected units used in a variety of industries. Our innovative design and attention to detail means that clients get a unique quality product at a great value.

MAdoors shipping container offices look like professional work-spaces that rival any corporate office. We can install anything featured in a regular office into a customized relocatable shipping container. Whether the client specifies windows, electrical installations, insulation or heating, we can have custom modifications done quickly and easily.

MAdoors offers a full range of container building customizations including:



Electrical Conduits

Power Generators

Connections for Plumbing

Air Conditioning/Heating/Roof Turbines



Security/Lock Systems


Flooring/Interior Paneling

Exterior Finishing

 Our ballistic , bullet proof modular containers allow for easy transport to multiple locations, and can be modified for any application, whether permanent or temporary:

Modular Office


Shop or Command Centers

Mobile medical Facilities including Isolation Units for Haz Mat Situations Quarantine Patient Treatment Facilities Guard Shacks Alternative residential Housing

Disaster Relief Housing Communications Equipment Shelters Welding Shop

Sandblasting Booth or Paint Booths Concession Stands Ticket Booths Hunting Shelters

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