What is Accordion Barrier?

Accordion Barrier

Where can we use the Crowd Control Barrier , Accordion Folding Barrier or Crowd Control Gate?

There are a lot of road shows, stadiums, convocations, arena, theme parks, parades, police road blocks, and a lot more. For further information, please


Inter-locking Connections System Lock into place at desired locations, connect multiples sections, and also lock open/close with universal key.

Portable & Permanent

One person can move and deploy the expanding gate or multiple expanding gates to easily define the barricade area.

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Main Features

1) Simple structure with nice out looking and good quality

2) light and movable for easy using at various projects

3) multitudinous colors can be selected ,and other optional colors can be required

4) each barrier has interlock and wheel brake

5) all barriers can be connected in line or around



High way barricading

Patrol road block

Residential area


Conventional Arena

Sport Stadiums

Technical Specifications

Teknik Özellikler
Yerden Yükseklik 120 cm
Taban Genişliği 66 cm
Gövde Genişliği 47 cm
Üst Genişlik 52 cm
Yan Profiller 40x40x1,2mm
Makas Profilleri 38x25x1,00 mm
Tekerlekler 100mmx30pp olup her bir teker 80 kg ağırlığı taşıyabilmektedir.
Modül Bilgisi Bariyer 7 modülden oluşmaktadır. Her modül arası 31-32 cm.dir.
Açılma Genişliği En az 2 metre, en fazla 10 metre
Kullanılan Malzeme Alüminyum
Dikey Yan ve Üst Profiller Malzeme polyemid olup, 112x69x51 ölçülerinde
Renk Gri alüminyum eloksallı ya da istenilen renkte

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