Flood Defence Protection Systems

MAdoors System Flood defefence systems Our products are flood control systems For example ; automatic sliding gate for flood protection , automatic flood sliding gates , automatic flood swing gate , Automatic Flood barrier , Manual flood barrier

Flood Defence Protection Systems

Our Madoors Systems floodwater protection systems have been saving lives  for over 20 years

Flood-defence systems consisting of stoplogs, mobile flood-defences for specific sites, slide-gate systems and stop log closures  MAdoors system has spent the past twenty years creating an enviable reputation for itself on international markets in both the disaster-prevention and water-supply sectors.

Our customer-base is spread all over the world. Movable flood-defence walls supplied by Madoors protect people from the UK to Hungary and from Thailand to the United States. Madoors has successfully carried out more than two thousand projects over the past twenty years.

Our customers have come to trust and rely on madoors flood defence products. This is a trust that makes us proud. A trust that drives us on in our mission to improve our products continuously  for your protection.

Shutoff slide-gates (automatic sliding gate for flood protection ), control slide-gates , telescopic slide-gates (automatic telescopic sliding gate for flood protection ), stoplog closures and fittings without housings , Madoors is famous for its worldwide efforts to ensure individual compatibility and high quality. Whether in France or Saudi Arabia  we stand by our promises ,  We comply with all common quality standards. 

If you would like to know more about our products, we would be pleased to supply you with further information and details of our company's complete product range. Just call us, or better still, send us an e-mail. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Madoors system flood defense products

Our flood defense systems;

1. Automatic Hydraulic type flood barrier (Circular moving device)

2. Automatic Hydraulic and Pneumatic type flood barrier (Vertical moving device)

3. Automatic Hydraulic Type Sliding Flood Gate

3. Automatic Hydraulic Type Circular Movable Wing Flood Gate ( automatic swing flood gate )

5. Manual Flood barrier

6. Accordion Folding Flood Barrier Sandbags

 All of our flood prevention systems are of domestic production and are guaranteed for 2 years. Our barrier systems with pneumatic swelling wicks can be manufactured automatically and manually. We are agency of Turkey's first flood barrier manufacturer. Please avoid our imitations. All of our products are arge-based manufacturing and are manufactured by taking measurements on site. Our company has signed a multi flood barrier projects in Turkey and abroad. Our references are real in our pictures. All of our products have CE certificate. Siemens automation system, motor and electrical panels are used in our automation systems used in automatic type flood barrier and doors. Our PLC automation systems work with software developed on C #. Our automation systems can be connected to the Internet data line. In case of night rains and floods, rainfall is detected by the PLC unit loaded with software even while you are sleeping in your home. Our devices are activated automatically. Your factory, home and workplace will be automatically prevented from flooding.


 Madoors offer a range of flood barriers that retrofit in and around existing infrastructure to provide instantaneous flood protection. Our water defence systems work for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and have essential features making operation and installation easy and fail safe.

 With a wide range of options, you’ll find demountable, portable and permanent flood barriers that can be manually-operated, automated or self-regulating. Made from the highest quality marine grade aluminium or stainless steel, all barriers can be customised to meet site specifications with optional audible and visual warning systems. MAdoors flood barriers and gates are made to high international standards and come with full training and documentation with ongoing service and maintenance available. MAdoors offer a proven range of purpose-built flood protection MAdoors  branded , Cheap Price , designed and manufactured in Türkiye by Madoors Water Control Solutions.

MAdoors's  Flood Barriers Include:

Personal Access Flood Doors

Concealed Flood Barriers

Demountable Flood Barriers

Retractable Flood Barriers

Tilting Flood Barriers


Demountable, portable or permanent flood barriers

Can be operated manually (by a single operator), automated or self-regulating

Customised to meet site specifications

Turn-key service including in-house design, manufacture and installation

Audible and visual warning systems

Training and documentation

Service and maintenance

Europe and USA made to international quality standards

Proven solutions

International service

Contact us today to discuss the range of flood barriers available to meet your flood protection requirements.

Automatic Pivot Flood Protection Gate

Automatic Pivot Flood Protection Gate , Hydraulic Flood obstacle door Hydraulic Flood barrier door, this type of products are used in villa buildings, shops and so on. designed to stop flooding at entrances. It goes up and down by making a circular motion. It works like an arm barrier logic. It provides protection against flood by closing the entrance if the control is pressed. It can be left open at normal times. Automatic flood detection system is also available in these products. It is one of our products that can be used without the need for scraping. They are manufactured as a complete aluminum case. It is very strong, light and solid. They are manufactured in one piece up to a height of 1 meter and a length of 4 meters.
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Automatic Flood Barrier

The MAdoors Automatic Flood Barrier suitable for a wide range of situations. Depending on its design it can accommodate frequent day to day traffic and heavy vehicles. A compressible, highly durable seal is mounted horizontally within the flood barrier system. Vertical Sealing posts ensure a leak tight seal against the wall. The Flood Barrier is made from galvanised steel or stainless steel 304 or a combination of both. The Barrier body, firmly bolted in hinges, is reinforced and includes mounting eyes for pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders are linked to unique mounts, which are likewise securely bolted to the barrier frame. The MAdoors Flood Barrier is actuated by the push of a button or triggered automatically by water sensors. The water sensors are preset and monitors rising water levels. When actuated, The MAdoors Automatic Flood Barrier closes fully automatically or travels back into the standby position. The barrier is designed to be failsafe. Loss of power or air will automatically trigger the system. The required operating pressure is for pneumatic systems 4 - 10 bars. For hydraulic systems 40-60 bar . To meet safety requirements, the flood barrier is fitted with an acoustic warning signal. A visual warning light can be included to signal traffic or personnel that the barrier is in operation. Pneumatic or hydraulic ylinders used are suitable for outdoor installations.
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Manual Flood Barrier

Manual flood control barrier , REMOVABLE FLOOD BARRIERS , Our Madoors removable flood barriers (or 'demountables') are engineered to provide similar levels of protection to permanent flood defences, but with the advantage of being fully removable when not required. They can be supplied for virtually any configuration including arcs, closed rectangles or circles and straight runs of any length. The portable flood barrier design can be used on slopes up to 20° and can be stepped for steeper gradients. This makes our demountable flood barriers ideal for building openings or as a continuous flood wall. Each system is load calculated based on application and the prevailing flood conditions and can be configured for flood protection heights up to 4m. Single spans up to 3m are possible. A four-sided detail is available for openings that may become fully submerged. To facilitate installation in new builds, we can supply pre-formed ground plates with integral anchors for the demountable supports. Alternatively, drill and fix anchor sockets can be provided for unobtrusive fixing through finished paving. Our Madoors demountable flood barriers can be retrospectively fitted to suitable existing foundations in which case load certified, chemically fixed sleeve anchors are used to attach the demountable supports. Purpose designed seals that resist silt clogging and reform even after prolonged compression, together with vandal resistant covers and lockable clamps, make this flood barrier system ideal for locations where semi-permanent installation is a requirement.
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