What is K12 PAS68 Crash Tested Circular Swing Door Gate?

K12 PAS68 Crash Tested Circular Swing Door Gate

The MAdoors's high security K12 / PAS 68 crash test swing gate is ideal for installations that need rugged performance. The drive mechanism is electro-mechanical or hydraulic. The gate can be tailored to match the surrounding decor in a wide variety of architectural treatments.

 K 4 / K8 / K 12 / PAS 68 Crash Level , Crash Tested Automatic Swing Gates. Through continuous product investment MAdoors Automation has successfully tested a range of products to suit all security environments. Extensive pre-test stress calculations and CAD design involved in the Our Swing gates development, ensured a high standard of results, even on its first ever test.

 MAdoors's Crash Tested Anti-Terrorism Swing Speed Gates are tried and trusted by our clients, including government, petrochemical, banking and financial, transport and public utilities. Our products are supported by our team of experienced and qualified installation engineers, commissioning personnel and maintenance engineers. 

 Our Trackless Automatic Swing Speed Gate utilises a unique drive mechanism to control the opening and closing . Our Mechanism may to be Hydarulic and Electro mechanical type

 The safe mechanism controls opposide leaves simultaneously, producing a graceful yet fast motion. Our trackless design is unique to madoors and allows the gate to move freely without height restriction or contact to a top or bottom track in the road surface.

 With shallow foundation and extremely low penetration our fully crash tested Swing Speed gates, provide a superbly engineered design solution against hostile vehicle mitigation.

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