What is Hydraulic Speed Bump Spike Barrier?

Hydraulic Speed Bump Spike Barrier


Why is Automatic Hydraulic Anti-Terrorism Surface Mount Tyre Killer so important? What role does it play? MAdoors Hydraulic Tire Killer has to play a big role in preventing or prohibiting unlawful intrusions of vehicles at either entry or exit points where security is very tight. The device is electronically controlled heavy duty spike obstruction rising high on the ground when given a valid signal. Coated with Hot Galvanized , tyre killers ensures safety against decay and deterioration. 

Our Surface Mounted Hydraulic Spike Barrier Techologie

It is controlled by high speed hydraulic cylinders. An electric motor is also installed in water proof lockable steel (up to 20 meters of distance from the barrier). The road blocker’s operation time (it is the time when the blocker moves up and down) ranges between two to six seconds.

Surface Mount Tyre killers are spike barriers which are operated by hydraulic. These are ideal for places which might be under attack by vehicles. Hydraulic speed bump tyre killers include heavy duty spikes which rise from the ground. This system basically works like an access control barrier that can stop the entry of any unauthorized vehicle in a supervised area.

The surface mount spike barrier can also be installed with various access control elements like road blocker, security bollards or gates.

If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high-security areas, then hydraulic speed bump tire killer is one of the most secure systems. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it's not possible for the vehicle to keep on moving because of the damage that would occur to the wheels and the rim. Drive unit is hydraulic, but in the case of power failure tyre killer can be lowered or lifted manually with the help of manual hand pump. These are made with the target to bring the vehicles to the situation of halt without harming any passengers as well as driver


Blocking Width : from 2.00 m to 6.00 m.

Blocking Height : heavy-duty steel spikes, 475 mm high.

Electro-Hydraulic Drive Unit :  Separately inside lockable steel cabinet for outdoor installation max. 20 m distance from tyre killer.

• Heavy duty steel construction

• High Steel Teeth

• Electro-Hydarulic Working 

• 220 / 380 VAC operation

• Continuous Duty Cycle Hydro-Motor

• Convenient top plate access

• Full-featured electronic circuity

• Integrates with all access control devices

• Can be setup for a manned or unmanned facility

• Trouble free and reliable operation

• Warranty - two year

Optional Items

• Stop-Go Light

• Warning Signs and Posts

• LED Lighting Strips

• Custom widths - up (2- 6 m)

• Heater Cables

• All Access Control Devices

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