What is Gaff Barrier Mini Road Blocker?

Gaff Barrier Mini Road Blocker

Gaff Barrier Mini Road Blocker box sizes 60 * 28 * 55 cm (+ / - 15%) , embedded in the floor assembly, made in the form of a slice of cake with a rose in a circular motion that prevents the passage of vehicles, completly steel structure , this automatic barrier designed for high security.

CPU: hydraulic mushroom barriers are connected all electrical components, made ​​of microprocessor architecture, capable of setting a variable in accordance with the conditions and patterns of use is the main board.

Pvc Box: Hydraulic engine: the power to open and close the barrier system hydro - mechanical group.

System shield measurements; shield radius 550 mm, shield width 200 mm , shield open to 450 mm height , shield used in thickness range 6 mm, side range 4 mm .. (+ / - 5%)

The system measures Exterior Box, 60 * 28 * 55 cm (+ / - 15%). The system opens and closes hydraulically. Opening and closing speed between 10-15 seconds. Barrier descended removed manually when it is open or closed , Barrier minimum heavy load of 20 tons. Harder impacts the engine mounting stud broken and prevents further damage to the engine and the chassis.

All mechanical components are electrostatically powder painted. Warning barrier film affixed to the body of the phosphorescent night vision. The upper part of the body will be charged with the daylight and in the dark by red light is flashing warning lights metal body. Are embedded on the front of the barrier is 12 or 24 VAC voltage, 50-watt fixture lamps will be lit at night and during the day there ..In case of electricity barrier manually with the help of a key can be descended closed.

Open and close position hydraulic engine (limits) automatically when the power goes down the drain. This pressure can be adjusted separately in both directions. CPU microprocessor structure. Cable entries are removable connectors. On the CPU fuses are used separately for motor and 24 VAC power.Motor protection and automatic shut-off time can be set on the CPU, with a choice of automatic closing direction. There are 24 VAC external power output on the CPU.

The system photocell, traffic armature (red-green), flashing warning lamp, lab detector, remote control receiver card, hard-wired buttons, adjustable timer, proximity card with the motherboard such as the CPU uyumludur.Tek a minimum of 3 additional elements, the circular fungus gaff çalışır.Tek barrier in combination with any number of CPUs using the gaff and group relay card can be operated in combination with the circular fungus barrier.Spherical mushroom barriers simultaneous running gaff others will continue to operate even if one or more fails.

There are LEDs indicating operating and status information on the CPU. The system can maneuver mechanical minimum of 300 days. Gaff has a circular wick mushroom powder on the sides of the barriers. There is a locked door on the maintenance of the circular fungus Gaff barriers, dust and dirt can accumulate on the inside of this cover can be cleaned and all kinds of maintenance can be performed.

Gaff the circular fungus was detected from the body without removing or dismantling the barrier complete engine being disassembled and taken out easily cover this treatment group. Fungus in the body of the barrier does not in any way an analog or digital limit switches. The whole system is 220 VAC / 50 Hz (+ / - 20%) energy.

Engine operating voltage 220 VAC / 50 Hz (+ / - 20%), the engine power is 375 watts (+ / - 20%)All electronic cards PVC water, moisture and dust resistant are placed in a box.Product CE, TSE, ISO, AIDA (International automatic door manufacturers association) norms .

Technical specifications of mini road blockers

  • 220 volt ac.
  • Hydraulic working
  • Remote control buttons
  • St 37 steel body
  • Inside red light power led
  • 0.75 kw electric engine
  • Emergency free handle using
  • PVC ıp 65 electrical box
  • Electro-statics paint cover ( Yellow / Red / Blue / Orange )
  • Trafic lights

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