X-ray , Thermography , Tomography , Dynamometer Vehicle Auto Test Inspection Scanning Solutions

X-ray , Thermography , Tomography , Dynamometer Vehicle Auto Test Inspection Scanning Solutions ; Our X-Ray , Tomography , Thermography , Dynamometer Auto Expertise systems provide 100% security in vehicle purchases and sales. Our vehicle test systems, also called Vehicle MR (Magnetic Resonance), are 100% domestically produced. Franchising System will be given to institutions, organizations and individuals who want to provide Guaranteed Auto Expertiz service. Our X-ray systems that take Auto X-rays, X-ray the interior of the vehicles, the paint thicknesses, the airbags, the parts that are cut and joined in the cars, the areas with auto paste, the inside of the engine , whether there is any soot inside the engine, does the car segment want wear and tear, Crank condition, balls, pressure lining status etc. you can detect everything without disassembling the vehicle without opening the engine . Our Vehicle Vehicle Auto Computest systems are our patented product. Our company gives dealers to our customers and does all device installations, service and maintenance works. X-ray Vehicle Test , X-RAY Dynotest - Auto Vehicle Tomography Computest System is under the patent of Madoors system. It cannot be copied .

X-ray , Thermography , Tomography , Dynamometer Vehicle Auto Test Inspection Scanning Solutions

X-ray , Thermography , Tomography , Dynamometer Vehicle Auto Test Inspection Scanning Solutions

Auto Vehicle MR , X-Ray Vehicle Test Systems , Vehicle Auto Expertise , Auto Computest , Vehicle Dynotest System; Our Madoors system company has combined the security systems it has developed under the name of this technology as X-ray Auto Expertise Service. As a company, we are an engineering company with more than 20 years of knowledge and skills, producing special products for the defense industry. Our company MAdoors System, which we produce for security purposes; X-ray Vehicle Scanning system and Under Vehicle Imaging Camera Recording System. By combining the vehicle with the auto test unit, this set has been brought into trade as an x-ray auto x-ray expert kit.

We are the only company in Turkey that has been producing X-Ray vehicle and auto scanning systems for years and has a domestic product certificate. In addition, we are rivals to 4 big companies with billion-dollar budgets that produce x-rays abroad. If you follow our references for these products, which are the first to produce and produce under-vehicle scanning systems in Turkey. We are a company that provides uninterrupted maintenance services to the Presidency , Prime Ministry , Chief of Staff , Air Force Command , Gendarmerie General Command , Land Forces Command and their affiliated units . Our engineering company madoors system has always broken new ground in Turkey. It has done the R & D of the products bought from abroad with very large budgets, and has ensured the production in our country.

With this experience, here is the x-ray auto computest system kit. This system, which ensures that vehicle owners can take their vehicles 100% safely. It detects all kinds of hidden problems of the vehicle. Our company offers a separate business opportunity to entrepreneurs who want to open a real dynotest. We offer a completely different system from other auto reports and expertise. From now on, people who want to buy a vehicle will prefer you. We offer a high turnover business opportunity .

 X-ray Auto Dynomometer Test Parts

1. X-ray Tomography Vehicle Auto Scanning Test Inspection System

2. Under Vehicle Camera Scanning Screening Ekspertise System

3. Dynamometer Dynometer Engine Power Test System

4. Thermography Auto Vehicle Paint Test Scanner Solutions

Thermography Auto Vehicle Test Expertise , Inspection , Appraisal System

Thermography Auto Vehicle Test Expertise Appraisal System , Vehicle Test Solution ,Thermography Vehicle Inspection , Thermography Auto Vehicle Scanner , Thermography Thermal Camera Vehicle Scanning System ; Completely 100% domestic production ; It is a system that detects whether there is paint, auto paste and changed parts on the body parts of vehicles and automobiles. This type of auto appraisal test system works with thermography logic. Thermography is a temperature-based measurement. Vehicles and automobiles; It is scanned from 3 directions by thermal cameras as the right part, the left part and the ceiling. Heat changes in the auto body are analyzed by software
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Under Vehicle Scanning Auto Vehicle Expertise Test System

While the Auto Expertise service is being performed , the car is lifted up by the lift and the master who will provide the appraisal service enters under the car . With his eyes , he checks whether there is oil leakage under the vehicle , crushing under the vehicle , rubbing and tearing , rot in the under vehicle sheet due to friction . These are the maximum things that can be done under the vehicle, looking at the vehicle exhaust, the burst decay in the exhaust and the gas leaks in the gasket.
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Dynamometer Auto - Automobile - Vehicle Test Appraisal Solutions

Dynamometer Computest Auto , Automobile , Vehicle Test Appraisal Solutions , Dynamometer Dynotest Car Expertise ; With MAdoors Automobile Engine Dynamometer Test, you can measure the engine power of the vehicle and the horsepower of the vehicle. If there is a problem in the vehicle engine, if it does not produce the nominal values ​​given in the vehicle's catalog, there is a problem in the vehicle engine.
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Auto , Vehicle , Car Tomography Appraisal Test , X-RAY Automotive Auto Expertise System

Auto , Vehicle , Car Tomography Appraisal Test , X-RAY Automotive Auto Expertise System ;Our product is in the use of buying and selling vehicles for Auto test. The buyer and the seller can report the mechanical, physical and electronic condition of the vehicle subject to sale with zero error . include under-vehicle imaging, x-ray tomography scanning automotive test , Thermography auto body , paint inspection and dynamometer engine test equipment in its hardware structure .
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